October 6, 2018, SATURDAY 5:30-6:30pm

Are you wondering what Buti Yoga is? Why people shake and spiral in Buti class? Why SOME people wear just sports bra and shorts in the class? Why it looks intimidating?

So what if you throw perceptions away and just come to a class, move a bit more than your used to and simply breathe? No skimpy clothes required, no jumping necessary, and best of all no judgment of yourself and others, JUST BRING YOU?

Buti is an intense movement practice, the intensity’s all up to you- the trademark of this practice is “Sweat with Intention” – The intension can be anything. Is it possible for us to have an intention of putting our guards down, let ourselves be, quiet the judgment, meet ourselves where we’re at and just move? Of course. You don’t even have to call it YOGA, who cares right?

This workshop is FREE to the community. MAKE SURE TO REGISTER!

By RSVP only: DEADLINE to register is 9/30/18

-First 30 minutes are Q&A about the practice, basic Buti moves, self love discussion, what does BuTI mean, what’s the essence of the practice

-Last 30 minutes will be a sampler Buti class. No worries wear regular yoga clothes, modifications will be provided

WHAT TO BRING: Open minds and open hearts

Candlelit Restorative Yoga & Oils Workshop

Candlelit Restorative Yoga & Oils Workshop

October 7, 2018, Sunday 5:15 to 6:15pm

This 90 to 120 minutes workshop is designed to target your senses and encourage you to indulge and unwind. You will learn how different fragrances can affect your mood and shift your emotional landscape.

You will be guided through restorative yoga poses to help you absorb the full benefit of the oils and help you relax your mind, body and nervous system. This class will be an excursion through the senses, wrapping you in a cloud of deep relaxation, spontaneous joy, and a new appreciation for the power of plants and oils. Rejuvenate with restorative yoga and essential oils! During this class, you will balance and ground in restful poses that help support your health and relief from Stress & Anxiety. During your practice, you will experience different essential oils chosen for their health benefits.

Here’s what’s included:
1. One-hour candle lit restorative yoga with staged infusion of essential oils
2. DIY Essential Oil Blend Roller Bar- make your own scent
3. Learn about essential oils we use in practice to support your overall health and relief from stress and anxiety
4. Fruit/essential oil infused drink and peppermint brownie after class.

No prior yoga experience is necessary for this workshop.

Early Bird 9/30
Limited spots.



October 27, 2018, SATURDAY 2:00-3:30pm

Time for you and your little to play around the hammock! Spend quality time with the love of your life and find playfulness all over again. A great way to bond and play and be a kid yourself! Come connect, move and play as you and your daughter or son or niece or nephew play in and around the hammocks.

Mom, Aunt, Uncle, or Dad + me =1 silk
Ages 4-11
Early Bird $45
After October 5, $55

Sign using the link below. 9 spots left.

Halloween BUTi GlowGa

Halloween BUTi GlowGa

October 28, 2018, SUNDAY 6:00-7:15pm

Black lights, glow body paint and Buti Yoga! Get ready to harness your inner tribal power for this super fun Buti Yoga experience. Be sure to dress in bright or neon clothes. Please bring an old towel and yoga mat. Paint, glow bracelets and fun provided! This event will fill up fast so reserve your spot now! Body painting starts at 5:30 and the event begins at 6pm. Be ready to glow and flow with Heidi

✅Cost: $20 for non- member, $16 (20%off) for members

✅Only 15 spots available.

✅Registration closes 10/20. Sign up ONLINE!

Kids Aerial Playshop (Age 7-12)

Kids Aerial Playshop (Age 7-12)

November 17, and December 15 SATURDAY 2:00-3:30pm

For Kids age 7 to 12. In this class we offer a variety of techniques to relax and enhance creativity while improving strength and coordination, self esteem and flexibility. We dare you not to giggle while you fly through the aire with the support of the silk fabric. Your kids will learn proper asanas while conditioning their muscles to do a few tricks and flips. Breathing techniques and meditation will be taught.

Class will be held:

-November 7 and December 15th.

-1.5 hours of fun.

-$35 for one class, $60 for both classes. RATE EXPIRES 10/31.

-$45 for one class, $70 for both classes after 10/31.

Ready to Take Your Training to New Heights?

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