Learn aerial yoga in a fun & safe environment. In the course you will learn the foundation techniques to enable you to feel comfortable & confident in the hammock. Aerial Yoga has so many amazing benefits including flexibility development, strength training, decompression of the spine, & floating relaxation and restoration! Book in now as spots are limited to ONLY 11 people per class.




Is your child a climber, a little monkey, or a ball of energy? Allow them to put their creative energy to good use at an aerial yoga for kid’s class at Yoga OM Alaska. Aerial yoga and hammock sequence feature the creative use of silks suspended from the ceiling to give your child the feeling of safe, weightless flight. 

Participation in an aerial yoga class has many benefits for children of all ages. 

1. Development of social skills    

2. Confidence 

3. Neurological and developmental benefits.  


The Yoga OM’s Aerial Yoga for Kids program focuses on providing these benefits to your children in a fun, friendly environment.  

Students learn how to creatively use the hammock. This series will challenge your kid to develop even more strength and confidence and mindful strategy for challenges in that comes with learning something new. This is for kids age 6 and 12.

Our FUN Playshop series is offered 4x a year and is comprised of four (4) 90 minutes sessions, limited to 12 kids and they SELL OUT fast. So reserve your kid’s spot ASAP.

We assess the kids strength and skill level at the 1st session and divide them up based upon our assessment. We have been privileged to serve the kids of the Mat-Su Valley with fun 

Aerial Play and Mindfulness for a few years now and looking forward to many more! Each year we refine our programming to include mindfulness strategies as well as a whole lotta FUN and play.




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Frequently Asked Questions 

What is YogiGrow Program?

It is a program designed as a benefit of monthly paying members ONLY, who are interested in committing to grow their Yoga and Aerial Yoga skills (in mind, body and spirit) through a specified weekly series ranging from 2 to 6 weeks. This is a tryout program. We will try our best to continue the program for the students but it all depends on the value you are getting, your transformational success, your continued demand and the commitment we see from you.

When does YogiGrow Program start?

Depending on students’ interest in the current program offering. We require minimum of four committed people in a program in order to make the cost of running the series worth it. Program will start once the minimum number is met. We will publish a series sign-up sheet at the front desk showing the program series, class objectives, the tentative schedule and the teacher who will be leading the class. You will sign your name in the sheet and you will be contacted for the official start date.

I'm a member, does this program cost me?

No, it is completely FREE! this is a membership perk exclusive just for members. All we ask is that you commit and show up for the program series you signed up for. We will hold you accountable for your attendance and your commitment in achieving your goal(s) within the program. Showing up for yourself to gain strength, skills etc. sometimes is the most difficult thing to pull off in the midst of busy schedule but also the most important thing we can do for ourselves. In order to reinforce this, there will be a $10 fee for each class you missed. No cost and lots of gains when you show up to all your program series!

What is the Program Offering?

We will be offering one or two programs simultaneously depending on the demand that may run on a four to six weeks series range. It will be scheduled once we meet the minimum attendance requirements. Pre-requisite classes maybe required such as fundamentals classes prior to signing up for a more difficult program series. Your teacher will let you know if pre-requisites are required.

How many programs can I sign up for at any given time?

We ask that you limit your program series sign up to just two different series at a time (when available). This will allow you to minimize overwhelm and still be able to attend other regular classes you enjoy.

How do I know if this is for me?

This is for you if you want to learn more and want to deepen your understanding on a particular topic. This is for you if you want to up level your physical skills on the mat or in the silks. This is for you if you want to see transformation in your practice. This is for you if you want accountability. This is not for you if you do not want to commit to a weekly series. This is not for you if you want to be in a class with different people in each class (you will be with the same group for the entire series until completion).

Can you give me example of what a Program Offering looks like?

Program offering below are just examples and not final list:

Aerial Series: Conditioning                             

Mat Series: Yoga and the Eight Limbs of Yoga (Yoga Philosophy)

Aerial Series: Prep for Georgia Twist (Aerial Pose Goal)

Mat Series: Pose Goal (any pose)                  

Mat Series: Yoga for Core Strength

Do you require pre-requisites?

Yes in some cases. Your program teacher will let you know if pre-requisites are required. Pre-requisites prior to admission to the program will also be posted in the sign up sheet. 

How big are the classes?

Classes will be limited and a minimum of four participants are required in order to start a program ** All programs require pre-registration so that everyone is guaranteed their own hammock or mat spaces**

Why is there a charge for a missed session?

YogiGrow program is a part of your membership benefit. Instructors show up, commit, prepare and plan your lessons in order for you to progress in your practice, that is why we will hold you accountable for your commitment. A $10 fee will be charge to your account on file for each missed session as a reminder to re-commit to your promise. 

How do I sign up for a Program Series?

Watch out for a sign up sheet at the front desk. We will post it at the studio prior to the opening registration. You will sign up on the sheet on a first come first serve basis since spots are limited. We will open a waitlist when needed. Most of the information about that particular series will be posted in the sign up sheet.

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