Pose Name


Similar Yang Style Pose

Bound Angle Pose


Kidney, Liver, Spleen


Stretches the hips, inner thighs, and lower back

How To

1. Begin seated in a comfortable position.

2. Bend your knees and bring the soles of your feet toward each other.

3. Let your knees gently fall open to either side. Allow your knees to come

comfortably down towards your mat.

4. Keep your back rounded and reach for your toes, your ankles, your shins, your

mat, or resting on blocks.

5. Allow your head to softly hang in a comfortable position.

  1. Teaching Cues
  2. Press firmly and evenly down through your sit bones
  3. Relax your neck
  4. Keep your back rounded
  5. Allow gravity to pull your torso forward and down
  6. Keep your muscles relaxed
  7. Your heels do not need to be pulled in toward your pelvis
  8. The feet can be close into the body or farther away depending on your



Injuries And Modifications

• Students with sciatica or back injuries may want to avoid this pose or practice

mindfully with caution.

• It is recommended that students sit on a bolster or a folded blanket(s) for more

ease and to angle the pelvis better going into the fold.

• For students who have tight hips, they can opt to move their feet further away

from their body. For a more intense yin stretch, the feet would be closer into the


• Students could also use folded blankets, bolsters, or blocks underneath

their knees for support.

• Students with neck problems or neck injuries should avoid pulling their neck

down and instead rest their head on a bolster in their lap.

• Students can opt to place one or two blocks stacked or a bolster in their lap to

support their upper body and head.

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