Are You Sure You Want to Freeze or Cancel Membership?

We’d love the chance to help find what you’re looking for, create a plan to achieve your goals, with class suggestions based on your needs. Connect and let us know!

Note: If you cancel, you’ll lose access to all our amazing classes and programs.

Yoga Om Alaska employs a 30 day cancellation policy.  Autopay scheduled within the 30 day cancellation period will be billed. Member has 30 days from that last autopay to utilize all sessions . Any class sessions remaining after the 30 day cancellation date will be forfeited.

Example: Credit Card billing date is 12/20. Cancel Request date is 12/15.  The 12/20 autopay will be billed, no billing after that. Utilize all sessions by 1/19. 


Membership Freeze and Cancellation Request Form

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We know that it can all add up, but we also believe that self-care plays a critical role in our lives. Our goal has always been to provide quality class services in the most accessible way possible. We also acknowledge that creating a successful practice can be challenging. Our Members team is available to help support your needs and goals just email and ask for assistance, Email: namaste@yogaomalaska.com

By submitting the form you are acknowledging this statement:

I acknowledge that the cancellation procedures and dates policies and I understand that any autopay remaining in the 30 day cancellation period will be billed. I understand that I have 30 days from the last autopay hit to utilize any unused class sessions or the remainder days of my unlimited membership. After this time is over, I will forfeit any remaining class sessions as my membership will no longer be active.

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