Pose Name

Similar Yang Style Name
Crescent Lunge or Low Lunge

Gallbladder, Kidney, Liver, Spleen, Stomach

Stretches the hips, quads, ankles, groin, and hamstrings

How To
1. Begin in a tabletop position.
2. Step your right foot forward in between your hands.
2. Align your front knee with your front ankle or keep your knee slightly behind your
3. Bring your left knee back and allow it to rest on your mat. Stay comfortably on the
top of your back left foot.
4. Bring both of your hands on either side of your right foot, on your forearms, or opt
to come onto blocks for support.
5. Allow your back to remain slightly rounded and your neck soft.
7. Release out of the pose gently and switch sides.

Teaching Cues

1. Be mindful not to put all your weight onto your front ankle
2. Allow your back knee to remain rested on your mat
3. Point your front toe towards the front of your mat
4. Keep your back slightly rounded and your neck comfortable
5. Gaze forward slightly

Injuries And Modifications
• Students with knee or hip injuries should practice this pose mindfully.
•Students can opt to place a folded blanket underneath their back knee for cushion
and support.
• Students can opt to place their hands on two blocks for support.
• Students can opt to rest their head on stacked blocks or a bolster to support their
head and neck.

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