Provides weekly opportunities to meet in person (or virtually) with other girls their ages 9 -14. Together, in this safe environment, the girls discuss their dreams, challenges, goals and obstacles and soothe their minds and souls. 

Each 75-90 minutes class includes:

  1. GLOW Circle time to provide a safe place for girls to share their opinions and feelings
    2. Exposure to fun, creative fitness activities to promote the benefits of daily physical exercise, this varies every week, from walking outdoors, aerial yoga, yoga & meditation, barre, relaxation strategies, breathing, kickboxing, or maybe even short self defense demo!
    3. Coaching to set and work toward their personal goals. 

GLOW Goals:

  1. To engage girls, in an open forum, to share and listen to their peers during discussions of relevant life themes, topics, and values.
    2. To connect girls of various beliefs, cultures, and socio-economic backgrounds.
    3.To provide each girl, who completes the GLOW program, with a ‘backpack’ full of strategies to deal with challenging situations when encountered.
    4. To expose girls to a world of fitness opportunities with an outcome of enhanced strength, trust, and confidence when participating in a variety of fitness activities
    5. Each month will be a 4 weeks series with a G.L.O.W THEME.

How it works: 

1.Glow Girls can only enter the program on the first Saturday of each month at the beginning of each month’s theme. Girls Leading Our World (GLOW) sessions incorporate a new and exciting theme that will accommodate returning GLOW girls, in addition to new GLOW Girls.

  1. Sessions are in person and also via Zoom if you choose to join virtually. 

      Authentic Me, Friendship Power, Body Image & Changes, Valuing Yourself & Others, Positive Self Talk, Decision Making, Leading Others Wisely, Taking Care of Yourself

Who’s Leading the Program? 

The program is facilitated and lead by Sonia Auld – she’s raised amazing kids (including an Air Man) and has multiple certifications on embodiment, movement, leadership, healthy lifestyle and mindfulness training. This is one of Sonia’s passion, to guide and inspire our young ladies through exploration and sharing.  She has led many children movement program and has a passion to help teens, pre-teens navigate relevant challenges of our times. She also undertands that sometimes kids just don’t easily hear what parents are saying in a home environment and the importantance in providing a sacred space created and incubated specifically for them so that girly messages about life can be heard. With this they can affirm “I am strong! I am smart! I am pretty! I am amazing!”

“The program has a multitude of benefits. We have created a space where we gather and everyone is encouraged to be themselves, share experiences, and try new things, without having to worry about judgement from others. The topics covered through the various GLOW themes are largely relevant to the girls in the program.” 


Kayla Seutter, Kayla has been training teens and pre-teens for many years on creative arts movement. Kids love Kayla as they can relate to her like a big sister. Kayla is a Certified Aerial Kids Yoga Teacher.

Julianna Auld, Julianna recently graduated basic military and technical training with the US Air Force, she has been assisting with the kids program at the studio. Julianna is a Certified Kids Yoga Teacher.

Sonia, Kayla and Julianna are GLOW Leaders/Facilitators Trained.

We would love to have your GLOW girls.


***Yoga Om is an approved vendor with Mat-Su Central School. 


This program is covered by Youth 360’s stipend program available to students enrolled at Houston Jr./Sr. High, Wasilla Middle School and Wasilla High School.  Students starting 6th grade in the fall at those schools are also eligible.  If you have existing participants attending those schools, please feel free to refer them over for participation.  Families can enroll by filling out a simple web form at www.youth-360.org, calling Tyler Healy at 373-3613, or stopping in to our youth clubs at Houston Jr./Sr. or Wasilla High. 


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