Design Your Life and Manifest what You designed!

Planning how to finish the rest of 2019 in a way that feels juicy, inspiring, and impactful.
Imagine heart storming and creating.
Imagine feeling focused and clear
On the steps to take.
Imagine feeling filled up.

Design Your Ultimate Life in a holistic, deep, and meaningful way so that you can start operating at a high level in all aspects of it. You can then immediately begin your path to the life you crave.

What’s the last thing inaction or lack of clarity have cost you?

When is the last time you missed your dream job… or you missed a precious moment with your children… that financial opportunity vanished… or the love of your life passed you by?

I get it. Life is full of decisions and demands that pull our focus every single day.

But while your focus is being divided, you’re also slowly being dragged away from the things you really want in your life.

Don’t you owe it to yourself to finally…

  • Get the fit and radiant body that you deserve
  • Reach your financial goals without constant worry and endless stress
  • Nurture a fun, and inspiring relationship with your children
  • And so much more

Don’t you owe it to yourself to know exactly what you want in life — and create a simple, yet powerful plan to finally get it in 2020?

I believe you do, .

I believe it’s time for you to truly have it all… and you’re closer than you think to get it.

Your success in 2020 (and every year onwards) starts with one simple plan…creating your life vision and practices give you the extraordinary power to make the life you crave an everyday reality.

The Course Breakdown

  • What’s included:

    -Initial Assessments examine how you’re really doing in life. Where you are right now, what’s holding you back, areas of life you can focus on immediately and use your discoveries to start designing your ultimate life 

  • Learn in depth your vision for your: Health & Fitness, Intellectual Life, Character, Emotional Life, Spiritual Life, Parenting, Relationships, Social Life, Financial Life, Career, Quality of Life, Life Vision

    -Understand science behind energy and manifestation process in order to know how to work it.

    -Draft your own life vision map on key areas of life and design specific inspired actions and practices to make it a reality

    – Learn tools and practices to discover your passion and values, activate intuition as well as shift your money mindset.

    -Troubleshooting and heartfelt discussions

    -Life Design and Manifestation Manual and Workbook

    -Group support

  • When: Saturdays, 4-5:30pm (in person or via zoom calls)

    Nov. 9 , Nov. 16, Nov. 23, Dec. 7, Dec. 14, Dec. 21, Jan. 11, Jan. 18, Jan. 25, Feb 1, Feb 8, Feb 15

Limited to 10 participants


Register (before 10/25) $297.00, after 10/25, $340.00

2 months installment option (before 10/25) $170.00 per month

2 months installment after 10/25, $190.00 per  month

About Sonia

Sonia Auld is the owner  Yoga Om. Certified in many different holistic modalities, Sonia believes that we are the author of our own life. We are fully empowered to consciously create our own reality. 

Manifesting our desires and goals and creating a world that works for all takes more than simply picturing what we want to create…

Beyond imagining, we need to design it, embody it, express it and bring it to life — grounded in solid plans.

A lifelong learner with over 3,500 hours  of formal and informal studies from different modalities over the past 15 years and an authority from embodying the teachings I learned through life experiences, major life mistakes, realizations (and many successes), experimentation and teaching to others. The focus of my teachings are Conscious and Empowered Living, Energy Awareness, Guidance, Healing and transformative manifestations.

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