OM Membership

Commit to a healthier lifestyle today, it can truly help you grow and keep your practice strong, save money, and take advantage of the many benefits of being a member.

Membership Benefits

  • Flexible membership options: Unlimited, 8 or 4 classes per month*
  • Exclusive Discounts: 10% off retail purchases
  • 10%-15% off select workshops and special events such as our Full Moon Ceremony.
  • FREE Aerial Series Workshops included- all you need to do is sign up
  • Exclusive Members Event
  • $5 Kids Yoga classes for your child(s) when offered.
  • Guest Passes, Exclusive invitations
  • FREE YogiGrow Program– fun and highly engaging sessions designed to develop certain skills.

Member can always:

  • Suspend your account for up to 60 total days per year for an admin fee of only $35 per request. Your account will be re-activated at the end of the freeze period at the rate you originally signed up for.
  • Downgrade and upgrade to any plans at anytime.
  • Expecting mothers can suspend membership up to 9 months.
  • Cancel with 30 days notice by emailing us at namaste@yogaomalaska.com. To avoid miscommunication, we do not take verbal or phone call instructions for membership cancellations, cancellations only via cancellation form.

Pricing is per month. *There is NO commitment, just give us 30 days notice to cancel the next billing date if you do not wish to continue your membership. Unused classes do not carry into the next month.*

Workshops/Special Events: Workshops and special events/trainings are priced separately. Regular class cards cannot be used or credited towards these.

Membership Terms & Conditions.

Class Cancellation and Late Arrival Policy


It happens to even the most dedicated practitioners – sometimes, you just have to cancel a class without much notice at all. We want to help you balance your busy life and your strong yoga practice, so we developed policies to make it easier to get your work in as well as honor your teacher’s time and effort. 

 2 Hour Class Cancellation Policy: Yoga Om enforces a strict 2-hour cancellation policy. If you have reserved your spot in any classes and fail to cancel 2 hours in advance you will be charged $10 and/or forfeit a session for the class. 6am classes must be canceled 10pm the night before. Cancellations made after this window are non refundable, and the student will forfeit the class.

Our policy exists to help you commit to your practice, to fairly compensate our teachers, and to cultivate a community of mutual respect between teacher & student. In an effort to spend less time glued to our phone- text and e-mail cancellations is not recommended. Please use the scheduling system whenever possible. 

Late Arrival Policy: Yoga Om enforces a Late Arrival policy. If you are more than 5 minutes late for your class you will lose your spot and incur a Late Cancel Charge of $10 and/or forfeit a session for the class. You must arrive at least 15 minutes before class to avoid disturbing your fellow students. Doors will be locked promptly.

Cancellation of Classes: Yoga Om strongly recommends online sign up. Sign up online at least 2 hours prior to the scheduled class (sign up by 10pm for the 6am class the following day). Classes with zero sign up 2 hours prior to the scheduled time will be cancelled.


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