New to Yoga? Interested?

The fact that you’re interested in starting or pursuing a yoga class is a good step towards right direction for your well being. To get started, use these yoga beginner tips as a jumping-off point. You do not need to use all of them—allow your yoga practice to naturally grow and develop over time.

1. Find a quality class
What makes a quality class? Instructions, community, inclusivity and transformation. Each class is different (although they maybe the same class). You have to try out what works for you and you can only know that by attending as many different classes as you can.

2. Wear comfortable clothing
In class, the right clothes can make all the difference. Choose a supportive top and yoga pants made of breathable materials with moisture-wicking properties. For cooler weather, consider investing in thermal athletic gear that you can easily layer to stay warm.

3. Begin where you are
Yoga is a transformative journey designed to help you reach a certain objective, whether it’s stress reduction, improved health, or inner peace. Knowing where you are can help you decide where to start and how to go forward with your goal. If you live near to Wasilla, Alaska, consider about contacting a local studio for advice and guidance appropriate to your level of expertise and fitness, such as Yoga OM Alaska.

4. Go slow
Do not rush through each pose or the class. Yoga is deliberate, mindful, and fluid. Moving slowly allows you to make steady progress as you practice. It can also help prevent injury, increase mindfulness, and improve overall concentration.
~ Timothy Burgin, Yoga Basics

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