Pose Name


Similar Yang Style Pose

Reclining Hero Pose


Stomach, Spleen, Liver


Stretches the hips and thighs

How To

1. Begin seated in Hero pose with your knees together and your feet rested on your mat outside of your hips.

2. The tops of your feet should be rooted to your mat and toes pointed behind you.

3. Drop your hands to the floor and begin to walk them behind you guiding your torso downwards. Stop at the point that is comfortable for you.

4. As your torso falls back towards the mat, you can bring your elbows and forearms to the mat for support.

5. If its comfortable, you can bring your back down towards your mat or rest it on a long bolster.

6. You can opt to bring your arms overhead to rest on the mat behind your head or keep them relaxed by your sides.

7. Keep your neck relaxed with your head facing straight upwards.

8. To release, use your forearms to help push your torso upwards and back up into Hero pose.

Teaching Cues

  1. Ease your torso downward with your forearms
  2. Use your forearms and elbows for support
  3. Draw your thighs into each other and pressed into the ground
  4. Ease into this stretch and be mindful not to overextend

Injuries And Modifications

• Students with knee injuries may want to avoid this pose or practice mindfully with caution.

• Students can opt to have a folded blanket under the knees. Additionally, students could use a bolster behind the back and sit on a block to help elevate the torso and limit the compression in the knees.

• Students can opt to rest their lower back on a long bolster for support.

• Students can opt to practice this pose by bending one knee at a time or in a Half Saddle pose.

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