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Yoga Alliance Approved Aerial Yoga Training

You are currently one of the first pioneers in the world of Aerial Yoga. While aerial has been an art that has been well established in the circus community, it has only recently been transferred to the Yogic world. This is an exciting endeavor – you are stepping into some uncharted territory, and have the chance to create unique movements and flows, assist students in the therapeutic art of aerial, and foster a heightened mind-body connection and awareness.

This is a Level 1 Aerial Yoga teacher training that is a 25-hour (25 contact hours) comprehensive experiential immersion designed to give the current teacher or serious student an in-depth guide through the techniques and practices of aerial yoga. Sessions will include: aerial yoga practice, practice teaching, lecture, sequencing, spotting techniques, discussion, and questions and answers.

After graduating from Yoga OM Aerial Yoga teacher training course, you will have the skill and confidence to immediately teach your own well-sequenced, stimulating and creative Aerial Yoga classes. You’ll also belong to a pioneering, international community of innovative, fun, and sincere Yoga instructors.

Aerial Yoga Training Course Breakdown

  •  Aerial Yoga Manual
  • How to create a class sequence that is balanced and logical
  • Learning aerial yoga moves with focus on key engagements and proper alignment
  • Aerial Yoga moves and their purposes – hip openers, forward folds, backbends, inversions
  • Restorative versus Strengthening poses in aerial classes
  • Conditioning work using aerial apparatus
  • Engaging proper muscles, strengthening and stretching in a safe range of movement
  • How to balance a multi-level class.
  • How to cue and offer modifications.
  • How and when to assist.
  • Assisting in classes.
  • 5 hours of aerial yoga classes and observations
  • How to rig and maintain equipment.
  • Peer teaching and feedback.
  • Applied anatomy.
  • Safety.
  • Teaching 3 Aerial Yoga classes with supervision and feedback.
  • Sequence writing.
  • Personal Practice and Self Reflection

Pre-Requisite for Aerial YTT trainees

200 hour Yoga Teacher certification Or

Group Fitness or Personal Trainer Certification (optional)

It is helpful if you have prior experience teaching group fitness and/or yoga classes.

Those who want to deepen their yoga practice are welcome.

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