Three Months of FUN Challenges

Kiss those chilly weather blues goodbye!

Throughout the final three months of the year, we’re cooking up a new and exciting series of challenges that will allow you to explore your yoga, fitness, and meditation practice, try new classes, feel your best, and score some free passes to some spectacular events!



Choose 1 Month for $99…

October, November, OR December

Unlimited classes for an entire month

 2 Months for $179…

October through December

Unlimited classes for any two months

All 3 Months for $259…

October through December

Unlimited classes for all three months

*Already on a Membership? Get in the game!

If you’re on a 4 OR 8-Class per Month Membership, upgrade to the unlimited Challenge months

by paying the difference for 1, 2, or 3 months with the discounted Challenge options.

If you’re on an Unlimited Classes Membership, upgrade for $10 to participate in any 1, 2, or all 3 Challenges!

Track your progress with a Challenge Passport…

A new card for each new month! 

Explore all of the different class offerings on our schedule during the month of October and see just how BOO-tiful you are!  Take seven different classes in seven consecutive days.

Burn baby burn… that turkey and stuffing off!  Take 10 fitness classes in a month (Buti, Barre, Aerial Flow).  This Challenge must be completed during the month of November.  Gobble, gobble, gobble, plank, plank, plank.

Baby it’s cold outside! Take any HOT class on our schedule (Hot Yoga, Hot Flow) in 12 consecutive days during the month of December.


Complete Your October Challenge

and score an invite to an exclusive VIP class followed by refreshments and socializing  (Class and reception are tentatively planned for early November.)

$47 value


Complete Your November Challenge.

and earn some rock hard abs… and more!  Score a FREE pass for a family member or a friend for a 21 day introductory package all access to classes at the studio and a Yoga Om Shirt ($37 value)

$84 value

Complete Your December Challenge.

and earn a FREE pass to a Crystal Bowl Chakra Sound Healing Meditation & Yin Class led by Sonia Auld. Reattune your energies and clear your emotional blockages as powerful and healing sounds wash over you– a pretty fine way to celebrate your hard work and kick off 2021? (This event will be held in January.)

-21 day intro pack for a friend ($47 value)

-Yoga Om Shirt ($37 value)

Total $134 value

4 OR 8 class per Month members, participate to unlimited classes Challenge Months by emailing namaste@yogaomalaska.com

Unlimited Class Members, get in the game for just $10 FEE.

Discover Yoga: 21 Days for Only $47! Begin Your Journey to Wellness Today.
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