Our variety of classes ranges from gentle to hot and sweaty, to antigravity classes. Classes will surely ignite  your fire within, soothe your weary soul, or empower you in and out.

Yin + Meditation (Y+M)

Slow down your busy lifestyle with Yin Yoga. Yin is a gentle style of yoga that uses props and certain poses to increase your flexibility and joint strength. Yin uses different props to increase flexibility in both your body and mind; you will hold each pose for 1-3 minutes to impact deeper layers of your fascia for flexibility and increase the benefits of the clarity of your state of mind. During the class you are guided through a very relaxing and restorative yogic sleep called Yoga Nidra or seated meditation that help reset your body and unravel stress in the mind.

  • What you will use: Blocks, straps, blankets bolsters, yoga balls and occasionally aerial silk hammocks
  • What you bring: Water bottle, towel and yoga mat
  • Temperature: Non heated
  • All levels and abilities welcome. 

Aerial Yoga Restorative (AYR)

Aerial Restorative combines the support and comfort of an aerial hammock with restorative yoga poses. The result? You will feel your physical and mental tension melting away and a deeply rested body and mind. In this class you will float through a series of luxurious and nourishing supported poses with the aerial hammock. Drift quietly for several minutes as the gentle positions facilitate deep release in the physical and energetic body just like you’re on vacation when you forget about the world. Classes will end with a 15 minute cocooned svasana where you’ll be gently suspended in air, surrounded by soothing music, and maybe even tucked in with a blanket and smell the aroma of grounding essential oil.

  • What you will use: Aerial silk hammocks, blankets, bolsters, straps, blocks
  • What you bring: Water bottle, towel and yoga mat
  • Temperature: Non Heated
  • Perfect for new to aerial yoga
  • All levels and abilities welcome. 

Aerial Yoga Flow (AYF)

Take your yoga flow practice to new heights. You will be supported by the safety of your aerial hammock. Use your own power of core, back, arms, and legs to move into each playful poses with steadiness and ease. Aerial Flow increases both your strength and flexibility through a nurturing guidance of your instructor that ensure your practice is safe. Leave feeling lit up, connected and empowered.

  • What you will use: Aerial silk hammocks
  • What you bring: Water bottle, towel, and yoga mat
  • Temperature: Non-Heated
  • All levels and abilities welcome. Intimidated? Try Aerial Foundations first. 

INTRO to Aerial Yoga 

Two Mondays series conducted every month. Woekshop is included in our $47 intro pack for new student and free to YOA members. Class pass are accepted.  Students will learn the fundamental components of aerial fabric yoga in a relaxed & fun learning environment. The student will experience yoga asanas (poses) on the mat as well as how they are expressed while in the aerial fabric. You will practice the “basics” necessary to move into poses (wrist wraps, trusting the fabric, etc) and explore this unique style of movement while having fun.

Check: www.yogaomalaska.com/aerial-series for schedule

  • What you will use: blocks, straps, aerial hammock
  • What you bring: Water bottle
  • Temperature: Non-Heated
  • All levels and abilities welcome. Not your jam? Try Aerial Yoga Restorative or Aerial Yoga Fundamentals first

Barre (Barre)

This class is a fusion of Pilates and ballet inspired moves to create long, lean muscles and build strength. Lots of fun, graceful and creative movements!! It is designed to develop a strong, stable, and balanced posture and alignment for the body.  It will lengthen and strengthen muscles, burn calories, and change your body shape. Combining strength training and cardio, this total body workout will improve the imbalance and increase both flexibility and stability. Weights are utilized and tiny isometric movements to target specific muscles. Lots of reps that brings the burn.

  • What you will use: Weights, bender ball, resistance band
  • What you bring: Water bottle, towel and yoga mat
  • Temperature: Non Heated
  • Perfect for if you want to gain strength and lean muscles
  • All levels and abilities welcome. 

Hot Flow (HF)

In this well-rounded class, you will stretch and strengthen your bodies, open your hearts and calm your minds. You will practice with focus on alignment to refine and deepen your practice. You will practice flow sequences to help you connect with your breath and your subtle energy. Guided by the wisdom of yoga philosophy, you will learn to relate more deeply with yourselves and the world around you.  Modifications will be offered for beginners.

This dynamic vinyasa practice is always evolving. Expect a creative sequence in which your teacher unpacks complex poses by building on the foundations of flow. This class may include arm balances and inversions but will always conclude with a full savasana and seated meditation.

Warm: Add the element of heat (85-90 deg) to create a greater surrender of the muscles as they open and strengthen. This practice will help shake out stagnation and ignite your inner fire.

  • What you will use: blocks, straps,
  • What you bring: Water bottle
  • Temperature: 85-90 degrees
  • All levels and abilities welcome. Not your jam? Try Aerial, Barre, Buti or Yin!

Buti Yoga (Buti)

Students utilize spiral structure technique to facilitate the release + toning of the body – physical, emotional and energetic. Through primal movement, dynamic asana and cardio-sprints and burst of plyometrics students breakdown the emotional barriers that hold them back from achieving self-love and true human connection.

  • What you will use: blocks, straps,
  • What you bring: Water bottle
  • Temperature: 80 degrees
  • All levels and abilities welcome. Not your jam? Try Flow classes, Yin or Barre!

Hot 26 (H26)

This is a Bikram-Inspired style of yoga with set of 26 postures taught with two specific breathing exercises. The room is slightly cooler than a traditional Bikram class (95 degrees instead of 105 degrees) You will do the same sequence in each class so you can develop awareness and appreciation for how you develop and grow, both physically and mentally, throughout your practice. The sequence was designed to systematically work every body part, including internal organs, ligaments, veins and muscles, so they maintain optimal health. Each posture of the sequence accomplishes something different in the body and they all work synergistically to help the body perform at its best. The postures are taught in stages so they are accessible for all levels.

  • What you will use: blocks, straps
  • What you bring: Water bottle
  • Temperature: 95-99 degrees
  • All levels and abilities welcome. Not your jam? Try Hot Flow , Aerial Flow or Yin 



Come fly with us whether you’re a KID or AN ADULT ! Go upside down, get full body conditioning or just float in a savasanna cocoon.

  • What you will use: blocks, straps, aerial silks
  • What you bring: Water bottle
  • Temperature: 70-75 degrees
  • www.yogaomalaska.com/aerial-series

The Wellness Space Rental 

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The Yoga Om’s Wellness Space is available for hourly, daily or weekend rental for trainings, gatherings, dance rehearsals, massage therapy, fitness and meditation classes, workshops, events, private clients, lectures or client meetings.


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