Congratulations for taking a HUGE step in your overall wellness….

Big changes in life are often accumulations of a bunch of

little ones. It takes 21 days to develop a good habit!

Try as many different yoga classes and learn different

yoga postures and proper alignment to help you succeed

and feel more confident in your body and your yoga


We’re here to support and give you a good nudge in

moving your tired, stiff body, increase your flexibility,

strength and get your mind and body in tune. All this, in a

small group setting. Yes, it is possible to live a healthier



21 days for $47 introductory yoga package includes:

Unlimited yoga classes at our studio 

15+ Classes Per Week.

Open 7 Days a Week.

Free Yoga Mat Rentals.

6 Styles of yoga to try.

$10 off your purchase of a mat or mat towel.

New members only. Limit 1 per person.





 In just 21 days you will gain the necessary skills and habits to

 improve your health through mindful movement. You will be

 inspired by  other like minded individuals who will 

encourage and make you feel welcome to continue your health and fitness path.  Witness  the difference in a short

period of time on how great you feel, the clarity of your mind

and strength gained through the practices 





“My name is Sarah W.,  I have played many roles in my life, but health and fitness has always been a favorite topic for me. It is also something I’ve struggled with over the last decade of my life. Issues such as anxiety, depression, weight gain and overall fatigue are a daily challenge. Over the years I’ve come to understand that for me, practicing yoga in any form, keeps me motivated. Yoga practice helps me stay in touch the best version of myself. When I make time for myself on the mat, I feel better physically, mentally, and deep down in my spirit. I am grateful to have found Yoga Om, as not only are their classes fun and challenging, but their class times actually work for me as a working mom with little to no free time during “normal” business hours.”


“My name is Karrisa R. I am 26 years old and I’m a teacher in Anchorage year round! My house and heart is full with dogs and many other lovable animals! I stumbled across Yoga during a bit of a low point in my life, I was feeling so stiff mentally and physically, holding in so much stress and unmotivated in my every day life. I was tired of the negative feelings I would give myself at the gym or during fitness classes, always finding myself giving up quickly. I was ready to try something new. I took a step into Yoga Om and I feel like I have found myself again. I find myself making the time to get in and get on my mat. I look forward to classes each week, I always walk away feeling so much better leaving all my stresses on my mat and giving myself more positive words to feel. I am very happy to have found YogaOm and am so excited for my new life’s adventure!”



~Lyn C. ~ When I stepped into Yoga OM space I could not have imagined that in such a short time what I have come to experience would be what I have been missing and I didn’t even know it. I have been able to step onto a path that has been placed in front of me that I believe I will now carry with me each and every day for the rest of my life. My new baseline.

I took a Sunday class  (Yin Restore + Nidra) I had no clue what this class was about but left by the course description on-line I could participate (even at my beginner level) WOW! What an amazing experience. The attention to care provided was soooo comforting. 

I have taken classes aerial classes as well. Each of them providing me with safe and stable support . As someone new to all things Yoga, they have given me the desire to do and learn more.  They help me believe that I can do this. I can learn new things and that whatever I am trying for the first or second time…it’s ok to just do what I can do. They have patience and show much kindness . I am grateful.


Life Changing Classes You Will be Taking...


  • Dynamic postures link with breath
  • Great for beginners
  • Great as a supplement to other workouts
  •  Focus is on mind and awareness




  • Mix of yoga postures and weights
  • Class varies in intensity 
  • Focus is on form and repetition


  • Blend of dynamic yoga, african tribal dance & short burst plyometrics
  • Fun, high intensity
  • Focus on releasing, letting go and self love.


  •  Great for beginners
  • Use of silk hammocks as support with traditional yoga poses
  • Focus is on core, upper body strength as well as mind and awareness



  • Longer held passive stretches & introspective relaxing postures.
  • Focus is on softening and relaxing around the posture
  • Great to supplement other workouts


  •  Great for developing a strong, stable, and balanced posture and alignment for the body.
  • Total body workout which can improve physical imbalances
  • Focus is on strength, flexibility, and balance

Join our welcoming community!

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