the yoga om experience


Have a great time as you move your body while building strength in and out. You’ll leave adulting behind because everything you do within our walls is totally for you. Work hard, play hard or relax hard is entirely up to you. Our studio promotes love and acceptance, we hope that you feel this culture as you walk into our sanctuary and put it in your own practice.¬†

See your progress with every class

and feel the amazing benefits in your mind and body. Confront  your mental and physical barriers in one fell swoop.

No worries, you’re in good hands.

It is easy to feel intimidated, until you give it a try. You will be supported, guided and encouraged by our intimate community to live your life of wellness. You will not be pushed out of your comfort zone, in fact we encourage you to use your own intuitive guidance and stay within your edge. So come on in, bring your playfulness and adventurous spirit, we are very excited to meet you.

Our OM sweet OM

Our humble OM Base is a safe, loving space for you to come to in the middle of your busy lives. It is designed to let yourself be as you are with encouraging community in support of your long term wellness journey.

Yoga OM Membership

Welcome! You already belong to Yoga OM family.

We know that the more you practice wellness, the better you feel. So, our membership program is created to help you commit to your mind/body intentions and see the results that you imagine. You will be encouraged to grow your practice strong and keep your promise to yourself.


You have questions? Here are commonly asked questions that could help you along your journey with us.

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