30-days of unlimited access to all classes, prizes, community and fun for only $89

take a break from the chilly weather & kiss the FALL goodbye from 9/24 to 10/23:

It’s official… it’s that time of the year when you curl up by the fire, pumpkin spice lattes in hand, the smell of pies waft from the kitchen, and like Michael Bublé croon, Baby, it’s cold outside.

If you’re anything like us, all you want to do is binge watch TV and drink hot chocolate once the chillier weather sets, but at the same time, we hate what it does to our bodies.

So, how do you thaw out your muscles?

With bingo!

No, we’re not talking about your nana’s bingo at the closest community center, and the good news is, you don’t have to be the gambling type to get in the fun either because our bingo is NO RISK, ALL REWARD.

That is if you join in!

Join us for our YOA 30 Days Yoga Bingo Challenge for just $89 from September 24 to October 23  where you’ll get the chance to beat the chilly weather, build greater strength, tone and get flexible, and win some amazing prizes including a raffle for a FREE month membership and studio $ credit!

When you join in on the YOA 30 Days Yoga Bingo Challenge; you’ll have unlimited access to our schedule of group classes for the duration of the challenge so you can increase your odds of winning our variety of prizes including… 

And here’s what you stand to win…

  • TIER 1: First and Second Yogis to complete the whole board Get a choice of $75 studio credit* OR a 60 minutes Private Yoga Party for of 11 & a FREE month membership for future members!
  • TIER 2: Third and Fourth to complete the whole board Will get $50 Studio Credit.
  • TIER 3: Complete atleast 4 rows vertical, Horizontal or diagonal Get $25 studio credit* and get entered to win a FREE Manduka eKO Mat!
  • TIER 4: Complete atleast 2 rows vertical, Horizontal or diagonal
    Get $10 studio credit* and get entered to win a FREE Yogitoes Mat Towel!

To get in on the fun, it’s as simple as signing up below, and snagging your bingo card at the studio.

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