21 Days of Yoga Connection Challenge 🌟🧘‍♀️




We’re beyond excited that you’re joining us for the 21 Days of Yoga Connection Challenge. Ready to share the love of yoga with your friends? We thought so!

The 21 Days of Yoga Connection Challenge is your chance to not only deepen your own practice but to share this enriching experience with your friends—FOR FREE!

 October 2ND TO 22ND, let’s build a stronger, happier, and healthier community, one pose at a time.


The Rules

  1. For Anyone Who Has Studio or Member Pass Only: This fabulous offer is exclusive to our beloved members and pass holders—like you!
  2. Bring ANY Friend at ANY class: Yep, bring a different friend each time if you like! The sky’s the limit.
  3. Reserve your friend’s free spot: scroll at the bottom for details.
  4. Limited Spots: Class sizes are limited, so it’s first come, first served. Please email us if they cannot make it to the class so we can make the space available for others.
  5. IMPORTANT Your Reservation: To reserve YOUR own spot, continue to use your Momence account as usual
  6. Member Accountability: Each free pass must be accompanied by a paid membership or pass (yours!) and they must be attending the class with you.

🎟 Raffle Goodness

Pop your name in our raffle jar every time you take a class, and your friend can too! No tracking, just trusting.

🎉 Amazing Prizes:

  • First Prize: Free yoga for two whole months! 🌈
  • Second Prize: Score a free month of yoga! 🎁
  • Third Prize: A wellness basket filled with yoga goodies! 🛍


Enjoyed your yoga class with us?

Keep the good vibes going! Take advantage of our exclusive one-time offer available only during the challenge: Purchase a special Intro Pass and join the 21-Day Yoga Connection Challenge fun.

But wait, there’s more! After you purchase this pass, you can also bring a friend to enjoy the challenge with you until it ends on October 22.

Please note, this offer is non-refundable, so be sure to check our terms and conditions before making your purchase.

How to Reserve Your Friend’s Free Spot for the 21 Days of Yoga Connection Challenge:

  1. Email us at namaste@yogaomalaska.com with the subject line: “Friend Reservation.”
  2. Include:
    1. your full name,
    2. your friend’s full name,
    3. your friend’s email address and phone number (required to set them up in system)
    4. the class name, date, and time you both wish to attend.
  3. An email confirmation from Momence will be sent to your friend’s email. This will confirm that your friend’s spot has been reserved. You as a pass holder will still need to reserve your spot in Momence.
  4. If you can’t attend the class, please cancel as soon as possible by canceling in Momence, so we can free up the space for someone else.


  • Spots are limited and given on a first-come, first-served basis.
  • Your own spot must be reserved through your existing Momence account as usual. This email reservation is only for your friend.
Discover Yoga: 21 Days for Only $47! Begin Your Journey to Wellness Today.
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