Yoga OM Story


Yoga OM is an inclusive, nurturing and welcoming yoga community that introduces yoga with “Come As You Are” vibe. Yoga OM fosters within our community a safe haven for you to practice yoga, move your body, let your hair down, breathe, surrender and let go in the middle of your very busy lives. Yoga OM encourages you to establish a reliable, consistent yoga practice, and provides your body, mind and spirit challenges, recovery, restoration and a lot of opportunities to just have fun. You are always welcome at the OM base because you already belong! We provide safe, fun and life changing instruction to help you achieve overall fitness in your body and mind so you can pursue your passions, go on adventures, be present and be your absolute best to people who matters to you the most.


Born from recognition of the need for community-centric, relaxed environment to practice and achieve personal goals while getting a break from the constant overwhelm of life. Yoga OM Alaska was created by Sonia Auld, owner, teacher and yoga and mindfulness practitioner. Sonia has been involved with several yoga communities in Alaska since 2006. Working a full time job, travelling to and from the Valley, a mother of two, she understands that constant overwhelm is plaguing the lifestyle of people nowadays. Because of this, it can become difficult to find real & deep connection to self and with people within a community. She created YOGA OM to provide warm, inclusive community where people can get the results they work for, have fun while they work, breathe, relax and at the same time feel seen, heard be a part of and inspired by the people surrounding them.


We believe that Yoga OM staff are  examples of daily acceptance, tolerance, and joyfulness. At Yoga OM we offer you an exceptional experience in a central location and through excellent quality interaction, you’ll achieve and maintain a high overall level of fitness in body, mind and spirit and at the same time develop meaningful and loving relationships in and out of the studio.


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