To become healthier we need to design our daily life around the habits that build a healthier body, a healthier spirit, healthier relationships, and healthier mental habits.

The first part of this process is to get clear that we are going to need to change some habits and let go of outdated patterns. Many of the patterns are unconscious. The process of making the unconscious conscious and purposeful is the practice of yoga.

Learning how to build better habits into your daily routines is a good time investment and guarantees your success in becoming healthier. The science and strategy behind habit change can give us to the tools to become the kind of person who has the habits of the person we want to become!

Let’s get started!

A habit has 3 parts:

1. Reminder (cue, trigger that initiates the habit)

2. Routine (the habit itself)

3. Reward (the benefit from the habit)

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