Can You Learn to Love Stress?

Are you tired?

Sometimes, do you feel like there are just not enough hours in a day and not enough days in a week to get things done. You feel like the forty-hour work week is just exhausting. You barely find the time for all your chores and errands, let alone to unwind with our family and friends. The absence of space for self-care can add to stress, and stress, if not checked early enough, can develop into depression. But, all of these will fade and you can set yourself free through meditation.

Meditation gives power to fight war of life. It is the start of magical things to happen. Hence, many people think it is somehow mystical or unscientific. In fact, meditation is simply a term describing a range of different practices each with a single purpose and effect: to train and exercise focus. The meditation many people know of is transcendental meditation. Here, practitioners sit in the sitting position and simply focus on a single “mantra” such or word. The result? You completely clear your mind and thus learn to rise “above” the many petty concerns that previously made you stressed and unhappy.

Likewise, religious meditation means doing the same thing –focusing on a passage of religious text or a prayer. In tai chi (moving meditation) the focus is on the body. However, you do it, the main objective is to direct the mind and to avoid letting thoughts and feelings bog you down. Mindfulness can also be practiced as a form of meditation. Here, you don’t try to empty your mind but just focus on the contents of your thoughts, without letting them affect you. This is useful for CBT and cognitive restructuring. But all types of meditation have one more powerful effect: they help you to decide WHAT to focus on and encourage equanimity.

That means that the next time you find yourself feeling absolutely crushed by the weight of the world, you can simply decide to let the negative voice in your ear go compassionately and to focus instead on the positive affirmations around your life.

All the other changes you’re trying to do will be FAR more powerful once you gain control of your focus and your thoughts. When we direct our attention, we tell our brains what is important, and what is accurate. As a result, we are able to trigger physical alterations in our brains, that can eliminate negative, limiting beliefs and help to make us into smarter, happier, and more confident versions of ourselves!

So, here’s what we’ve learned so far and the techniques we’ve learned to transform the way we think and feel.

Be realistic. You are not a superhero. If you feel like you carry the world already, you can say NO for more responsibility.

Meditate. Breathe and relax. Think of the brighter side of your life and not be blinded by dark. Appreciate people, nature and existence.

Exercise. Do not just overthink. MOVE YOUR BODY. Try physical activities such as yoga (imagine that!).

Go easy. Expect frustration, disappointments and problems but go easy with them. The situation is not the one stressful, it is your reaction with it.

So, if you feel like everything is a mess and exhausting, you know what you’ll going to do now right? With that, you will never say YES if someone ask you if you’re exhausted because as long as you apply Be Realistic, Meditate, Exercise and Go Easy, you will never again be tired as well as will now love and cope stress. So, once again, I ask you—

Are you tired?

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