Pose Name

Corpse Pose

Similar Yang Style Pose


Meridians Corpse

pose provides a holistic and overall body restoration and relaxation which ultimately affects all the meridians


Calms the nervous system Relaxes the mind and body

How To

1. Start in a comfortable position lying on your back.

2. Bring your arms by your sides and your palms up towards the sky.

3. Let your feet fall comfortably open to the sides.

4. Allow your shoulders to relax down to your mat and soften the muscles in your face. Close your eyes.

5. Allow your breath to flow naturally and softly.

6. Focus on releasing tension and surrendering in your body with every exhale.

Teaching Cues

Legs are spread comfortably apart

Close your eyes

Unclench your jaw

Allow your arms to rest comfortably away from your body

Allow your feet to fall open gently

Keep your palms relaxed and open towards the sky

Soften the muscles in your face

Allow all the muscles in your body to completely relax

Injuries And Modifications

• For students with lower back pain, ask them to bend their knees with their feet flat on the ground; this helps to release pressure from their lower back. The knees can touch if comfortable or keep them further apart. Another option for lower back pain is placing a folded blanket or bolster underneath the lower back area.

• For students with neck or shoulder issues, ask them to place a folded blanket or bolster underneath their neck or shoulders.

• If students are cold, they can place a blanket over themselves.

• If students wish to open their chest more, they can lay on a long bolster.

• Corpse pose can be challenging because it requires a conscious effort to relax and release the mental chatter in the mind. The purpose of the pose is to be fully present in the moment.

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