Yoga is notorious for helping people relieve stress, manage depression and lead a calmer, more focused life.

It also helps you with self-confidence as well as self-awareness.

While there are dozens of different poses and techniques that will help you to ease mental and spiritual discomfort so you can manage stress and anxiety levels, one of the most common poses is the Child’s Pose. The Child’s Pose is also one of the foundational techniques in Yoga and is often used in between transitions, or as a great way to end a routine.


Here’s how it’s done:

Step 1:  Start on your hands and knees.  Inhale deeply and begin to clear your mind of all thoughts.  Listen to your breathing.

Step 2:  Spread your knees apart while keeping both big toes touching.  Rest your buttocks on your heels comfortably.

Step 3:  Sit up straight to lengthen and stretch your spine. Now, exhale, bow forward, moving your torso in between your thighs.  Let your forehead touch the floor.

Step 4: Keep your arms extended and stretched with your palms facing down as you press back slightly with your hands, maintaining contact with your buttocks and your heels.  Keep your eyes closed as you breathe in, breathe out.

Step 5: Hold for a minute or longer.  To release, use your hands to walk your torso back into an upright, sitting position.


Give this a try and let me know how you feel. Remember, go slow. Take your time and focus on your breathing throughout the movement.

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