To begin this Meditation, please bring kind awareness to:

➤ how your belly, chest, and head each feel when you reflect on this topic

➤ the emotions that you can associate with these visceral feelings

➤ the positive or negative impact of any stories you believe in regarding this topic

➤ the fact that many others are feeling similarly about this topic as you

➤ how you might feel with increased awareness around this topic

➤ when you can apply increased mindfulness to this topic in your day-to-day life

1. There are several body positions that work well for mindfulness practice and help you avoid sleepiness during practice.

2. It is a personal preference whether you stand, sit or lie. If you stand, comfortable shoes will help you avoid the distraction of aching feet.

3. If you sit, you may choose to sit on the floor, on a cushion or blanket or in a chair, or whatever is comfortable for you. If you choose to lie down it is important that you be fully awake to avoid becoming sleepy.

4. It is also a personal preference whether you close your eyes or keep them open while you meditate. If you are feeling tired, perhaps it would be best to keep them at least partially opened to avoid becoming sleepy.

5. However, if you choose to meditate with your eyes open, remain focused on the meditation practice and avoid distractions.

6. Assume a comfortable position to avoid your body becoming tense or rigid, thereby causing you discomfort. This would be a distraction that could possibly keep you from meditation for very long.

7. On the other hand, you do not want to assume a position that is so comfortable that you end up falling asleep while meditation.

8. If sleepiness is a problem for you during meditation, you may try meditation while standing or keeping your eyes open as mentioned above. Another option would be to take a nap prior to meditation so that you are well rested.

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