A way to help others to think you’re more confident is to change your body language subtly. Placing one arm on a door frame can help you to look as though you believe you own the space. Likewise, spreading out more in general suggests more dominance and confidence.

Being still and calm also exudes confidence and makes you look like you are cool and in command.

The aim is not to be aggressive, but by recognizing when you are doing the opposite (curling into a ball and generally shrinking, shaking and biting) and to cut out those behaviors. And next time you walk into a room, boost your chest up as you enter the door and “beam.”

What’s more though, is that the right body language can even drive the production of feel good hormones and neurotransmitters that actually make you more confident. Standing in a victory pose (arms in a V shape) in the bathroom before an interview can elevate testosterone and help you to be more effective in that interview!

At the same time, because you will look happier and more confident this will also lead people to believe that you are both of those things. And when you seem more confident and happier, people tend to assume you’re more successful (which would be the reason you are feeling confident) which in turn ensures that they think you are more likely to be highly capable.

Again this can help you in relationships and certainly in your career as you have an aura around you of someone who is successful and who you would want on your side.

As you can see, changing the way you look and act can make you become the person you want. Don’t just dress for the job you want… dress for the life you want. Stay confident!

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