Pose Name


Similar Yang Style Pose

Cow Face


Kidney, Liver


Stretches the shoulders, arms, hips, ankles, thighs, and chest

How To

1. Begin in Easy pose.

2. Bend your knees and place your right knee on top of your left knee. At the same time, slide your left foot underneath your right knee.

3. Bring both of your feet about equal distance from your hips.

4. Sink evenly into your sit bones.

5. To deepen the pose, students can opt to tilt the torso forward towards their knees, allowing the fold to come from the hips.

6. The arms can rest on the knees, extended out in front of the body, or out to the sides on the mat comfortably.

7. To release from this pose, slowly unravel the legs and come back into Easy.

Teaching Cues

  1. Sit evenly into your sit bones
  2. Stack your knees directly over each other
  3. Draw your knees down towards the mat
  4. Bring both of your heels equal distance to your hips
  5. Option to gently draw your upper torso down towards your mat

Injuries And Modifications

• If you have students with severe hip or shoulder injuries, do not do this pose or practice mindfully with caution.

• For students who have tight hips, they can place a blanket or bolster underneath their hips to elevate them.

• Students can opt to place a pillow or bolster in their lap to rest their head and neck on for support.

• Students can rest their feet or ankles on folded blankets for cushion.

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