Pose Name


Similar Yang Style Pose



Liver, Kidney, Heart


Stretches the chest, lungs, and shoulders

How To

1. Begin lying on your belly with your arms by your sides.

2. Allow your legs to be about hip distance apart and rest on the tops of your feet.

3. Bend your elbows so that your forearms are pressing down onto your mat.

4. Press your palms into your mat and spread your fingers wide on your mat.

5. Lift your chest and upper body upwards coming into a slight backbend.

6. Work to keep your upper body relaxed. Relax your neck as you gaze softly down towards your mat.

Teaching Cues

  1. Gently press your forearms to your mat as you lift your chest up
  2. Allow your palms to remain pressed down to your mat
  3. Keep your forearms parallel to each other
  4. Come into the pose slowly
  5. Keep your neck soft and relaxed as you gaze down towards your mat

Injuries And Modifications

• Students with spine or neck injuries should avoid this pose or practice this pose mindfully with caution.

• Students can also opt to extend their arms out further in front of them or wider apart to make the pose easier.

• Students can opt to place a long bolster underneath their torso and body for support.

• Students can opt to place a block or two stacked blocks to rest their forehead on.

They could also opt to place a bolster or folded blanket(s) underneath their forehead for support.

• Students can opt to rest their palms on two blocks for support and height.

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