Pose Name


Similar Yang Style Pose

Fire Log


Kidney, Spleen


Stretches the spine and hips

How To

1. Begin in a simple cross legged seated position.

2. Gently place your right foot on top of your left knee. Tuck your left foot underneath your right knee.

3. Keep your toes flexed in towards your knees.

4. Lean forward slightly from your hips. Stop at the point that is comfortable for you. Place your palms onto your mat. Keep a slight arch in your back and your neck relaxed.

5. Take several deep breaths and relax. To come out of the pose, press your palms into your mat and gently uncross your legs. Come back to a simple cross legged position.

Teaching Cues

  • Draw the heel of your foot in toward the knee of the opposing leg
  • Draw your heels in towards your torso
  • Keep a slight arch in your back
  • Keep your neck relaxed
  • Stack your legs on top of each other creating the shape of a box
  • Allow gravity to gently draw your torso down towards your mat
  • Allow the fold to come from your hips

Injuries And Modifications

• For students who have spine or knee issues, they should avoid this pose or practice mindfully with caution.

• To support the knees, students can place blocks, bolsters, or folded blankets underneath their knees.

• Students can also opt to sit on top of a bolster or folded blanket(s) to elevate the hips.

• To support the head, students can place a block, folded blankets, or a bolster in their lap to rest their head on.

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