We’ve had few conversations in the last two days in our little FaceBook group about how to manage stress during this stressful time. The group conversation (virtual) was so nourishing and so needed to be had. Between this COVID-19 social distancing mandates,self quarantining, working from home, new routine with the kids schedule and teaching virtual movement classes. The uncertainties in many facets of life affecting ME and global landscape can be overwhelming.

We are on a high state of alert because of this perceived and real threat in our well being.  My hope in bringing this conversation to the community is to bring awareness that we are in this heightened state of emotion and that what we are feeling can feel intense and may feel unstable. It is so important to note that it is a collective feeling, not just locally but globally because it is felt. Our energy, vibration co-regulate with people around us– yes it is unseen but felt. Imagine that we are all feeling the same feeling- FEAR and how that looks and feels like as a collective? When we are in contact with people that are stressed and fearful- it’s a big impact to people around and it’s contagious! So to me- it’s an important discussion and I would like to provide some resources to alleviate and decrease our stress response.

In our talk yesterday with Alana Marie – she mentioned four strategies when we feel fear and stress: 1. First is to breathe, four counts inhale and four counts exhale. This calms our nervous system. 2. Notice sensation in your body 3. Set Intentions at the beginning of the day  4. Own Your Energy 

All these strategies put us in control of our own energy that we put out to the world, therefore impacting the people around us in a positive way, rippling forward, hopefully. Today I went live and discussed tools and tips to add to your toolbox. We can use tools to work with our body to take our survival response way down, because that’s where we are- in survival response! FLIGHT. FIGHT. FREEZE. Being in this heightened state takes us out of clarity and awareness and feeling powerless over making logical decisions. If you are in fear, blame, frustrations, irritation or confused, disoriented or feel like can’t do anything because you just dont have the energy, then you are in a survival response. 

To use our body to influence our mind to take us out of the survival response is very effective. SHAKING, MOVING and SOOTHING.

Shaking: Buti Yoga is a form of movement that has a lot of primal movement and shaking – a good one to try. OR just shake…shake your hands, legs, whole body. You may notice kids or animals that went through a trauma- would shake to offset the intensity of the experience. As we get older whe shut this part of us that is okay about shaking!

Moving: Keep moving, walking, run, being in nature. Put your feet on the ground. All activities will get you in touch with some groundedness and rootedness.

Turn your head right to left slowly- it unlocks your tensed muscle. Sending signals to our body that things are cool, no one is jumping to us.

Rest constructively, lay on your back, feet flat on the mat, press hips hugh. It stretches the psoas muscle(we use for running) that is responsible for flight, fight, freeze response. You may shake, but shaking is okay remember?

Connect, connect, connect. We have to lean in to our community so we can feel that we are part of something bigger. Reach out! Whether it is professional support, personal, family support. 

Be grateful, celebrate small successes and take time to savour it and feel it and let it wash through you. Just as fear is real in our body, let gratitude be felt within.

This period in our era is uncertain for sure- let’s take it one step at a time. We got this.



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