Journaling what can I say? I have this notebook that I carry around with me wherever I go. It is where I put my thoughts in the morning, good or bad. I’ve grown to like journaling, I heard that it’s a good way to download what’s on my mind so I started writing. At first I didn’t have any clue what to put in it… I never really journaled before, growing up I didn’t want to write my thoughts down for the fear of someone finding out what I was thinking, or worst, what I was thinking about them! I was closed in as a kid. But I guess I’m coming out of my shell at almost 40 lol.

So back to journaling…I wrote what’s on my mind, then as I read through it, I realized what was on my mind were crappy thoughts ☺ Who knew? (I know but I was in denial). So I decided to change my morning routine, crappy thoughts made me feel crappy so I started writing gratitude to anything and everything. Gratitude for my pen, my warm car, my healthy body, our dogs, the jacka$& who cut in front of me, whatever comes to mind were fair and square, I always try to find something to be grateful for even the people I was having a hard time with during the time of my writing. At first, I timed myself to write something for five minutes, sometimes on a really great day I can fill five pages back-to-back no problem. In bad days it was difficult to fill a page, “I am grateful for the water in my bottle” is the sort of grateful things I can only write. Nevertheless I notice that the rest of the day unfolds beautifully when I start my day journaling. When I don’t, it might take me a few days of not writing before I notice old habits of thinking results to a bad day, I mean I do notice them and course correct immediately, but journaling serves as an outlet for my wayward mind.

Why am I blogging about this? Well I guess this is some sort of journaling too, although people can read this writing so I must be careful ☺ All three of you can read this ☺ Seriously though, I cannot say enough good things about journaling. I write everything down, when I’m confuse, I just write whatever comes to my mind without filter until I can find some clarity as to what my heart wants to tell me. I write some proverbial questions in my head that I cannot answer at that moment, like what’s my purpose in life? Yep I know pretty deep huh? Siri said it’s an interesting question, I must agree. All the days of writing on my journal lead me to really ask a lot of whys, hows, and whens that prod me to look for answers, take action, or just accept and surrender.

It’s been pretty cool journey learning more about myself, the good, the bad, the ugly. I share this in the hopes that you find an outlet for yourself to learn the patterns of your thinking, your emotions and the psychotic looping or our minds. Whether its meditation or other modalities, it’s important to have self care habits to survive this game called life. Like Tara Brach say, our mind is like a bad neighborhood, we don’t even want to go there, only, we do need to go there and be friends with the hoodlums, the victims and the outlaws who live in our head. After all they are all-real, but they’re not true.

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